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This website was updated on:
August 11, 2016


Applicant Change of Contact and Other Information


The change of contact and other information form is for active applicants on Upland Housing Authority's (UHA's) waiting list.  If you are not active on UHA's waiting list, you may not use the change of contact and other information form.

Please visit www.waitlistcheck.com to find out if you are active on UHA's waiting list.

To check your status, log in to www.waitlistcheck.com using the head of household’s Social Security number and 4-digit year of birth. The system will show the status of any application you have submitted for UHA's Public Housing or Section 8 waiting list. 

  • Waiting: means your pre-application is active on UHA's waiting list.

  • Inactive: means that you are not on UHA's waiting list.

If the system does not display any results, it means that UHA has not received a pre-application from you, and perhaps you applied with another housing authority.  Each housing authority maintains its own waiting list. 


Updated April 1, 2015


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