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This website was updated on:
August 11, 2016


Housing Quality Standards Checklist

The Following Is A Sample of Items That Will Cause A Unit to Fail the HQS Inspection:

  1. Blocked exits (fire & safety hazard).

  2. Deadbolts installed on doors instead of thumb bolts (fire hazard).

  3. Windows without permanently attached locks, windows that do not open properly, and barred windows without a safety release.

  4. Ripped or damaged screens, broken or damaged windows (safety hazard).

  5. Any appliance in the unit that is not clean and/or does not work properly (stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.).

  6. Lack of a working refrigerator appropriate for the size of the family.

  7. Any electrical unit with exposed or spliced wiring.

  8. Light fixtures without bulbs or covers.

  9. Cracked or broken outlet or switch-plate covers.

  10. Lack of hot or cold water/very low water pressure.

  11. Chipping or peeling paint anywhere on the interior or exterior of the unit.

  12. Clogged toilets.

  13. Toilet tank covers that are missing, broken, or the wrong size.

  14. Broken or cracked toilet seats.

  15. Mold (discoloration) or mildew.

  16. Ripped, torn, frayed or unsanitary carpet.

  17. Rotting floors, walls, cabinets, etc.

  18. Faucets, shower-heads, etc. that do not work properly.

  19. Lack of proper ventilation in bathrooms (either a fan or opening window).

  20. Holes, large cracks, bulges, or loose surface materials on walls or ceilings.

  21. Smoke detectors not testing on missing.

  22. Lack of a smoke detector on each floor.

  23. Floors and units that are unclean or unsanitary.

  24. Extremely dirty or greasy walls, cabinets, appliances, etc.

  25. Leaks in pipes, ceilings, etc.

  26. Water heaters missing discharge lines (must be copper or galvanized steel & located no more than six (6) inches from the ground) or not anchored by safety straps.

  27. Any evidence of leakage or corrosion.

  28. Evidence of infestation by rodents, insects, etc.

  29. Excessive clutter inside or outside the unit.

  30. Any utility not on in the unit (water, gas, electricity, etc.)

  31. Loose, bouncy, or broken flooring, stairs or steps inside or outside the unit.

  32. Lifting flooring (boards, tiles, linoleum, etc.)

  33. Cracked or broken counter or wall tiles that are sharp or otherwise hazardous

  34. Cracked or broken glass or mirrors.

  35. Loose or broken railing inside or outside the unit.

  36. Broken doors, door jambs, cabinets, window sills, etc.

Please note: Any of these items found in a common area will also cause the unit to fail the inspection.


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