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This website was updated on:
August 11, 2016


How To Become a Participating Landlord

1. List Your Property With the Upland Housing Authority:  List your property in local newspapers or classified ads and include the phrase “Section 8 OK” in your listing.  You can also list your unit using an online service such as GoSection8.com, Zillow.com, or Apartments.com.

2. Screen Prospective Tenants: Although UHA screens our waiting list applicants for sex offender registration and criminal history, the landlord is responsible for screening all prospective tenants the same as they would any other prospective tenant. UHA encourages landlords to run criminal, rental and credit history checks on all prospective clients.

3. Choose a Tenant: The final decision is the landlord’s. You may charge an application fee so long as it is the same fee charged to non-Section 8 applicants.

4. Submit a “Request For Tenancy Approval” (RFTA) to UHA: Voucher holders are given an RFTA packet when they receive their voucher. When you choose a tenant to rent to you will need to fill out the packet and return it to the tenant for submittal to UHA.

5. Have a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection: When UHA receives the RFTA we will schedule an inspection of the unit to be rented. The purpose of the inspection is to verify the unit is decent, safe, and the proposed rent is appropriate for the size, age, and condition of the unit. See the Housing Quality Standards Checklist for a list of requirements to pass inspection.

6. Determine the Rent: The rent amount must be acceptable under the standards set by HUD and appropriate for the size, age, and condition of the unit. The payment standards are set by HUD and are unique to each area. See Payment Standards for more information.

7. Sign the Lease and Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract: After the unit has passed the inspection and the rent amount has been approved, The landlord and tenant will sign a lease, and the landlord and a UHA representative will sign a HAP Contract. The HAP Contract will specify the amount of rent to be paid directly to the landlord by UHA. The lease and contract may begin the day the unit passes inspection and the tenant takes possession of the unit.

After the Lease & HAP Contract Are Signed

After the tenant has taken possession of the unit, UHA will mail a check to the landlord on the first business day of each month for the term of the HAP Contract. The check will cover UHA’s portion of the rent. Additionally, UHA will perform an HQS Inspection at least annually to verify the unit is being maintained by both the landlord and the tenant.

Landlord’s Obligations

  • To comply with equal opportunity requirements;

  • To maintain the unit in good condition and complete repairs as necessary;

  • To enforce and comply with the provisions of the lease, including payment of any utilities and services provided for under the lease;

  • To collect any security deposit required, the tenant’s portion of the rent, and any charges for damages caused by the tenant;

  • To refrain from entering the unit without the tenant’s permission and proper notice (except in the case of an emergency or to make tenant-requested repairs);

  • To make reasonable accommodations for participants with disabilities;

  • To refrain from demanding side payments from the tenant in addition to their portion of the rent amount;

  • To evict the tenant when necessary for violations of the lease. The landlord must also send copies of any eviction notice to UHA.

For further information please see our FAQ For Landlords Page


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