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This website was updated on:
August 11, 2016


Los Olivos Water Conservation Project 2009

September 2009

Visitors to Upland Housing Authority’s administrative office and public housing site, Los Olivos, may have noticed big changes to the scenery.  Using available Capital Funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the 13-acre site is undergoing a major landscaping facelift. Located at 1200 N. Campus Avenue, this is the first major landscaping project for Los Olivos since it was built in 1943.  The design, which is called xeriscaping, incorporates computer controlled “smart” irrigation and replaced approximately 200,000 square feet of existing grass turf with drought-tolerant plants native to California.  The change is expected to reduce water consumption at the site by almost 50%.

Upland Housing Authority worked with Noresco and Green Product Solutions to develop a design plan that would provide long-term savings to the Upland Housing Authority, while maintaining an attractive and uniform look throughout the site.  Colorful grasses and flowering shrubs make up the majority of the design.  Agave and aloe plants, some of which were already existing at the site, are peppered throughout.  Pierre Sprinkler and Landscape performed the construction and installation.


January, 2011

Established plants fill the sweeping planter beds.  With the upcoming spring weather these plants will continue to spread out and add varying colors to the landscape.  The Los Olivos complex, once dominated by expanses of bright green turf, now includes the deeper greens of fescue, rust and golden brown of pennisetum grasses, vibrant oranges of blooming aloe, and the cheerful blues and pinks of salvia and rock rose shrubs.

The muted shades of green and brown that come with winter's cold weather will soon give way to the more intense greens, oranges, blues, pinks and reds of springtime.

Ornamental grasses in planter beds have been trimmed for the winter.

March, 2010

Planter beds are beginning to fill in and develop.

Aloe plants, which were included in the design to add color and variety to the landscape, are blooming throughout the community.

Fairy tails grasses are also developing and filling in the areas where traditional turf once was.


Open House
September 10, 2009

The work on the Xeriscaping and Irrigation project was completed in early September, and the UHA Board of commissioners, staff, and residents, members of the construction and design team, and representatives from the HUD Los Angeles field office, the City of Upland, and Inland Empire Utilities Agency attended an open house event on September 10th. 

The open house event concluded with a tour of the site and the work performed.

August, 2009

As the landscape matures and fills in, the face of these units will take on a new look.


The planting scheme is varied around the community, giving a unique look to each of the units.

Mulch filler helps to maintain moisture and
protect the plants.

Future planter beds are tilled and soil amendments are added in preparation for the plants.  After the soil is tilled and amended drip line is installed to irrigate the new and some existing plants.

The courtyard area looks nearly the same, but all new irrigation has been installed beneath the grass.

The aging anti-backflow device was replaced on July 23, 2009.

The majority of the pop-up sprinklers have been installed and are being tested for coverage.

Many of the trees around the complex received a much-needed pruning.
April, 2009

Fences and barriers are removed as trenches are filled.
Grass turf has been removed and will be replaced with a mixture of grasses and flowering shrubs shown in the plant palette.
Trenches throughout the complex make way for irrigation lines, valves, wiring and nozzles.
The brown areas of grass in the above photos was removed and replaced with planter beds of drought-tolerant California-native plants.


The following photos are examples of the types of plants that fill planter beds, create borders, and replaced  grass turf.
Aloe Striata and Arctostaphylos "Sunset"

Ceanothus "Concha"

Cistus Incanus (Rock Rose) and Heteromeles Arbitufolia

Muhlenbergia Rigens and Pennisetum "Eaton Canyon"

Salvia "Munzii"


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