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October 13, 2014


Newsletters for Participants, Tenants, and Landlords


UHA Bulletin
The UHA Newsletter for Section 8 Participants and Landlords

New!  The UHA Bulletin is now available online only!
This small change will help UHA to save almost 7,000 sheets of paper each year.


In This Issue

Fall 2013
  • Update on Funding for the Section 8 Program
  • Proposed Policy Changes and 2014 Agency Plan Available for Review and Comment
  • Resident Advisory Board Announcement
  • What to Do if Your Lease Changes
Summer 2013
  • UHA's Section 8 Policies are Changing
  • Protect Your Section 8 Assistance by Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • Q & A from Property Managers
  • Upcoming Event: National Night Out
Spring 2013
  • Payment Standards are Changing

  • UHA's Section 8 Policies Have Changed

  • Direct Deposit Deadline Approaching

  • Maintaining the Rental Unit: Whose Responsibility is It?

Winter 2013
  • New Income Limits for Section 8

  • Update on UHA's Application for the Moving to Work Demonstration Program

  • Resident Advisory Board Update

  • Changes to UHAís Agency Plan & Policies

  • Updated Lead-Based Paint Brochure Published by HUD

  • Direct Deposit News for Landlords

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Law Is Now Effective for All Residences

  • Reminder re: Electronic Federal Benefit Payments Beginning March 2013

Fall 2012
  • UHA Needs Volunteers for the Resident Advisory Board
  • Welcome to New Section 8 Team Members
  • UHA's New Moving and Portability Procedures
  • Direct Deposit Coming Soon
  • Paper Checks for Federal Benefits are Being Converted to Electronic Deposit Starting March 2013
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Law Extends to Multi-Family Properties Effective January 1, 2013
  • UHA's New Payment Standards Effective October 1, 2012
Summer 2012
  • UHA Applied for the Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration Program

  • Vacant Unit Listing Helps Participants and Owners Come Together

  • Direct Deposit Coming Soon

  • New Missed Inspection Notices

  • New Procedures for Moving and Portability

  • Protecting Program Integrity

  • Reporting Income Changes

  • The UHA Bulletin Has Gone Green!

Spring 2012
  • Special Update: UHA's Proposed Application For the Moving to Work Demonstration Program

  • Reminder About Rent Increases During the First Year of the Lease

  • UHA Is Going Green!  UHA Bulletin Newsletter Now Available Online Only

  • Voucher Tolling Time:  What Is It and Do You Qualify?

Winter 2012

  • Changes to UHA's Section 8 Policies and Agency Plan

  • New: Recertifications By Mail

  • What to Do If You Can't Keep An Appointment

  • Important Changes to UHA Staffing

Newsflash - July 2011
  • UHA No Longer Sees Clients Without An Appointment:  New Procedures to Get the Help You Need

  • Tips For Using UHA's New Phone System

  • UHA Section 8 Staff Directory

Spring 2011

  • New Carbon Monoxide Detector Law Affects Landlords

  • Section 8 Policy Changes

  • New Policy On Walk-In Visits

  • Utility Allowances for 2011

  • 2-1-1: The Information You Need Is A Phone Call Away

  • Tips: Preventing and Detecting Bedbugs

Fall 2010

  • New Carbon Monoxide Detector Law July 2011

  • Top 10 conditions that cause failed inspections

Summer 2010

  • Please Let UHA Know If You Have Vacant Units

  • How to Rent to a Section 8 Participant

  • Uplandís Independence Day Celebration

Spring 2010

  • New Federal Lead-Based Paint Standards

  • Things to Consider Before You Decide to Move

  • Reporting Fraud and Program Abuse

  • Section 8 Waiting List Closed

Winter 2010

  • Section 8 Waiting List Is Closing

  • Reminder: Reporting Income

  • What You Need to Know if You Want to Move

  • Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure

  • New Tool For Tracking Debts Owed

Fall 2009

  • Safety Advisory For Section 8 Participants and Landlords

  • HQS Inspections: What You Need to Know

  • New Payment Standard Schedule for October 1, 2009

  • New Tool For Tracking Debts Owed

  • Questions? Ask UHA!

  • Helpful Links and Community Information


Los Olivos News
The UHA Newsletter for Tenants of Los Olivos Public Housing


In This Issue

Fall 2013  
Summer 2013
  • Upcoming Event: National Night Out

  • UHA is Recruiting Volunteers

  • Announcement: Resident Services has Moved

  • Basketball Court Reminder

  • Earth Day Information

  • Poster Contest: "What Home Means to Me"

  • Tips to Avoid Sunburn

  • Resident Services News and Schedule

Spring 2013
  • UHA is Looking for Volunteers

  • UHA's Public Housing Policies Have Changed

  • Curb Appeal Program

  • Suspicious Activity

  • Resident Services News

Winter 2013
  • Speed Limit Reminder: 5 MPH in Los Olivos
  • Updated Basketball Court Hours and Rules
  • Landscaping Update
  • Recycling!
  • Cold Weather Safety Tips for Kids
  • UHA's 2012 Winter Celebration Event
Fall 2012
  • UHA Resident Advisory Board Announcement
  • UHA's Pet Rules
  • Coolers Being Shut Down for the Winter
  • Girl Scouts Coming to Los Olivos
  • Halloween Safety Tips
  • Resident Services Welcomes Lily Hunyh
Summer 2012
  • UHA Has Applied For the Moving to Work Demonstration Program
  • Parking and Driving Rules
  • National Night Out
Spring 2012
  • Special Update: UHA's Proposed Application For the Moving to Work Demonstration Program

  • Water Coolers Being Turned On In April

  • Volunteer Request For Summer BBQ and National Night Out Event

  • Update re: Resident Surveys

Winter 2012
  • Looking Good: UHA Kicks Off the Curb Appeal Program

  • 2012 Agency Plan and Policy Updates Approved by UHA Board of Commissioners

  • Information About New Laws For California School Children

  • Self-Service Lobby Information

  • Harvest Celebration and Winter Celebration Recap

Summer 2011
  • REAC Inspection Notice
  • Lobby Changes
  • Summer BBQ
  • National Night Out
Spring 2011
  • REAC Inspection Notice
  • Landscape Update
  • Utility Allowance Update
  • Trash Pick-Up
  • Bed Bugs

Spring 2010

  • Landscaping Progress Update

  • New Tool For Tracking Debts Owed


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