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This website was updated on:
August 11, 2016


Section 8 Utility Allowances

In accordance with HUD regulations, UHA has performed the annual review and update to our utility allowance schedule.  Due to changes in rates, the allowances for electricity and sewer utilities have increased.  The allowance for natural gas has decreased.  All other allowances have not changed.

The updated allowances will be used for all new contracts, including transfers, with a start date of April 12, 2016, or later.  The new amounts will also be used for all existing contracts at the time of the next annual reexamination following this date.

Utility allowances are provided to offset the cost of utilities paid by the tenant, and are paid through  the housing authority’s share of the rent.  If the utility allowances increase, the housing authority’s share of the rent will also increase.  Accordingly, the housing authority’s share of the rent will decrease if utility allowances decrease.  This change in utility allowances will mean that most existing participants will see a small change to their portion of the monthly rent at the time of their next annual recertification.

The updated utility allowances were calculated based on the discounted rates available for low-income families through the California Alternate Rates For Energy (CARE) program.  Please contact Southern California Edison or The Gas Company to learn more or to apply for CARE and other similar programs.  Most telephone service providers also offer discounted rates through the Lifeline/Link-Up programs. 

For all new lease-ups and re-examinations processed on or after April 12, 2016 (*Apartment)

* Please call UHA office for Utility Allowances for single family house or mobile home.


0 Bedroom

1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom

5 Bedroom

Space Heating - Gas







Space Heating - Electric







Cooking - Gas







Cooking - Electric







Other Electric







With Air Conditioning






Water Heating - Gas






Water Heating - Electricity















$24.00 (any number of bedrooms)


$17.00 (any number of bedrooms)


$3.00 (any number of bedrooms)


$4.00 (any number of bedrooms)

For more information about the CARE and Lifeline/Link-Up programs, please contact your utility companies.

The Gas Company

Southern California Edison

Verizon: 1-800-483-4000
AT&T: 1-800-310-2355


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